School Safety with VSS Security Services

As we closed 2014, one alarming statistic that was on the nations mind was school safety, especially due to school shootings. From elementary schools to colleges and universities, parents across the nation are sending their children to schools less confident than days in the past.

Since the Sandy Hook shooting on Dec. 14, 2012, there have been nearly 34 violent and fatal school shootings in the U.S. as well as additional violent incidents. From armed students shooting classmates and faculty to plotting bomb threats in their school, each and every story shakes the country, and the world, to its core.

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According to statistics, 98% of school shooters have acted alone, 90% commit suicide, usually on site, 80% use a long gun (rifle, shotgun or carbine,) 75% bring multiple weapons, sometimes with hundreds of rounds of ammunition, the shooters are preoccupied with obtaining a high body count before police intervention, they almost never take hostages and do not negotiate, and, last, they are dynamic and quick, finishing their attack in an average of 8 minutes.

Questions like what, how and why are always asked to late but, in today’s reality, school violence and school shootings are something we must be prepared for.

VSS Security, with locations in Phoenix, Tucson, South bend and Lansing, MI., specializes in school security and campus safety. VSS Security trains with Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement and Emergency First Responders in multiple active shooter and disaster preparation drills to ensure their school security is effective and consistent. From traffic control officers, off-duty SWAT Police officers, hall monitors and camera monitoring, VSS Security can come into your school and provide a thorough and effectual safety plan to ensure your students and staff are kept safe, even in the event of an emergency.

Below are some samples of what VSS Security offers their current school clients as part their VSS Security school safety programs:

Non-Traditional Uniforms: In a school environment, VSS Security strives to keep a violence free zone in an effort to promote a stress free learning environment for students, teachers, administrators and visitors. We have found that traditional uniforms can be intimidating and make students uneasy, so VSS Security members wear polo shirts with SECURITY on the back of the shirts. This allows school security guards to be easily identified while looking professional in a non-traditional uniform.

Visitor Booth Officer: Often, a VSS Security member can manage all guests entering the school. When a guest enters the main entrance of the school, they must be buzzed in. Once inside, they are required to give the VSS Security officer a valid ID. The ID is run through a computer system that does an instant background check that identifies any criminal convictions. The background also cross-references the sex offender registration databases of all 50 states. Once that background is done, the officer will allow the guest to enter the school. Once through the next door, the guest will be given their ID back and get a visitor ID that must be worn at all times while in the school. The ID has a photo of, name, as well as the areas in the school they will be visiting.

Hall Monitors: We provide VSS Security hall monitors to schools during school hours and for school events. Each hall monitor is assigned a patrol zone. Patrolling these zones include checking entry/exit doors to ensure they remain closed and locked. They also check restrooms, closets, stairwells, locker rooms and other locations within those zones. Everyone in the building (from the Principle, faculty, students and guests) must have a visible ID when walking about the building. The hall monitors also respond to radio calls. Whether there is a fight, a student who needs help locating a particular room or teacher, or just to escort an unruly student from a classroom, our Hall Monitors do it all.

Dispatcher/Video Monitoring Officer: This VSS Security officer assigned to the school security office answers phone calls, radio calls and monitors school security cameras. They dispatch all VSS Security members to areas as needed and help coordinate with the site supervisor for traffic backups during traffic patterns.

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